Wednesday, July 20, 2011

PLDT myDSL Frequent Disconnect Problem

Here's a possible solution if you find that your PLDT myDSL internet connection keeps loosing synchronism with the PLDT server.

The problem, when it occurs, usually requires a reboot of your modem and router equipment to reestablish an internet connection. The reboot can be done by switching the power supply off and back on to the equipment. The operation usually takes a minute or two to reestablish a link to the server.

The current standard modem for PLDT MyDSL is Xyzel P-### series. You will notice that it has three LED lights as its indicator.

2. Ethernet LED
3. Power LED

All lights should glow and blink when the equipment is working properly. A glowing DSL LED indicates a link to the server, a glowing Ethernet LED a link to the computer, and a glowing Power LED a link to a power voltage supply source.

For a while I was puzzled why at certain times of the day my modem and router equipment would need a reboot to reestablish a data link between my computer and the PLDT server. The need to constantly reboot equipment is a real pain especially if I you are using a wireless connection from your router to somewhere else in the house.

Eventually I realized that my PLDT Xycel modem was very sensitive to the voltage fluctuation to the residence. Especially in the evening, when the voltage rose well above 220 volts, my computer would lose its link to the server. Sometimes during the day, when the voltage dropped below 220 volts, the equipment would also need a reboot.

The solution to the problem came when I installed an Automatic Voltage Regulator (AVR) to supply my modem and router equipment with a constant regulated 220 volt supply. Now I rarely have to reboot my modem and router equipment anymore.

An alternative solution might be to replace your old single voltage modem with a new multi-voltage modem which is designed to handle voltage fluctuations better than the older type.

Hope this helps.


  1. Im gonna try this one. Lage nagdidisconnect pldt modem ko kainis

  2. i need to try this also, our Pldt Xycel modem always disconnect..kstress na minsan =(

  3. If that's the case, a poorly designed modem that is "sensitive" to voltage fluctuations, PLDT Co., should've tested & subjected to rigorous testings those equipment that they issue & sell to their subscribers. Buying an AVR to resolve that long standing problem that subscribers are experiencing eversince is not the right solution....that will be an additional burden & cost to subscribers. What PLDT Co. should do if the aforementioned condition(s) of Zyxel modems are true or proven to be true is to find another reliable brands & models of modem(s) that they will issue & sell to their subscribers. Otherwise, I can say that PLDT Co. is deliberately did those things (supplied & sold us sub-standard products) to make or compel their subscribers subscribe to other expensive DSL package(s) offer.

    Additional information: The Zyxel Power Supply unit adapter (PSU) is a separate unit from the modem and it is an AUTO-Volt self regulating Switching type power supply and it draws not that much power from our power lines.

    My observation is ISPs & other service providers are really giving us very poor service(s), "because we are just Filipinos". No dignity & pride for the service they are providing to their countrymen. All they are after is REVENUE!

    Further, they continue (all service providers of this land) to practice and provide very poor quality of service(s) which is unfair to us, is because our government doesn't do anything about it and tolerates big companis wrong doing and our Consumer Protection Act/Law is "INUTIL" or ineffectual, and it favors those companies and likes.

  4. I also got this.. but I have a different solution

    I noticed when I'm not using internet (on-standby) for so long about 5-10min
    it always disconnect and needs to reboot the modem

    So I started to do an experiment.
    Downloading from uTorrent with a maximum speed of 20kb/s

    now I don't have any disconnection problems. ;)
    bad thing if your torrent finish downloading it will start disconnecting again. x)